Inside, Outside

Inside, Outside


People looking around and making conversation as seen from one of the delights of the vintage car show in Kirkcudbright on 28 August.

When I look at vehicles from this period I realise how much our thinking has changed since then. Each item was designed and made separately and then assembled. The very shape of the cars from that period demonstrates that one person designed and made the seats, another the petrol gauge, and another the switches. Integrated thought in design is one of the amazing things that has evolved over the past 60 years. It is now the designer who tells the engineer what he wants rather than the engineer who tells the designer what he can have.

They still don’t get it right though and I curse the people who designed the vacuum cleaner that I currently use, and it’s from a company that supposedly rethought the whole concept……. Oh, sorry, I’d better not go on about that or we’ll be here all night.



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