Sunshine & Showers

Sunshine & Shower


Just grab the camera! How many times have you done that!

Just grab the camera, there’s a rainbow, or a spectacular cloud. In this case it was throwing it down so hard that there was a low roar from the roof. Not just that but it was late afternoon and the sun was streaming from under the clouds to reflect off the road and catch the falling rain as streaks of light.

So many times I’ve been caught without the camera to hand, but this time the shutter was firing to record the event. Most occasions like this the pictures don’t work. This one, though, I really liked.



6 thoughts on “Sunshine & Showers

  1. One of the things that has taken me years to learn is that I don’t need permission to take pictures. It’s okay if I want to take pictures of shadows on the wall, dirty dishes in the sink. Who cares, and I just might stumble on something in the process.

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it like that, and you are right, we are self limiting and rarely prepared to experiment with our image making. It’s so easy to categorise our photography, this is a landscape, and this a portrait. If we think in categories that narrows our approach. Then again we tend towards ‘one off’ photography as well rather than using the camera as a tool to explore a theme or subject over a sequence of images.
      One photograph does not a photographer make.
      Thanks Steven for nudging the grey cells!

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