Jeanette Millar has an antique shop in Castle Street and is a keen collector of photographs and postcards of the area. In particular she has a very good collection of portraits of local people taken at school and on special occasions over many years.

I photographed Jeanette next to a hand tinted photograph that was taken of her when she was a child.



8 thoughts on “Jeanette

    • It couldn’t have been long, long, long, long ago Rajiv, because you are younger than I am!
      It might have been just long ago; certainly last century, and before the digital darkroom.
      Huh! Now I’m feeling really old!

          • I really have to agree with you there. I do remember the excitement as the print would slowly come to life before my eyes. It was magic, and it took place, print after print.

            Several people ask me if I have my own studio, and i often reply that when I can include a chemical studio in it, I will then have my own studio

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