The Kutch Desert

The Kutch Desert


When I was a child a wide open space such as this used to give me the irrational fear that the ground was about to open up and swallow me, so looking at this scene even now makes my legs tremble like jelly.

When I was here last November that fear inhabited only the darkest recesses of my mind, so I was careful to reassure myself that the ground really had dried out.

I came out here, on the run, because we had seen a wild donkey that was lying down on its side and this allowed me to get close enough to get some pictures. It was only when I turned around to see how far I had come from our jeep that the fear returned. If I was there now, I would probable have to crawl back to the jeep on my hands and knees!



3 thoughts on “The Kutch Desert

  1. Out here they call sand that looks like this “Sabkha سبخة ” which is crusted wet sand. which will take a car below the tops of the wheel arches in seconds ! so your fear is justified.


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