Platform Portrait

Platform Portrait


I am perhaps becoming more confrontational with my street portraits and this visage shows signs of some slight confusion over why I would want to capture his fine features.

I wonder if his response would be the same having his photo taken by Rajiv or by Mukul?

I suppose what I’m saying is that being a foreigner, do I get away with things that a local man may not?

It leads me to recall the time I was caught photographing some musicians on a train in Gujarat. They were very annoyed with me but the other passengers calmed them, saying, “He doesn’t understand!” Maybe what they really said was, “Take no notice he’s an ignorant foreigner!”



2 thoughts on “Platform Portrait

  1. Risky shot though,but nice one.100% I agree with you… were let off since you are a foreigner that too from western world.If it were for an Indian ,choicest abuses sure to be showered ! How close were you from him ? To be frank, I wish to have collection of varieties of Mustache photographs,but a bit frightened. Sure your shot inspiring me.Thanks for your post and frank expression.

    • Thanks very much for your detailed thoughts. Many photo portraits taken here, so all the subjects were aware of my intentions, in fact they all seemed to want to get in on the act. I always ask permission. It’s rare to be told no! Walking away from a ‘no!’ can be quite hard when the subject is highly photogenic.

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