Morning Reflections

Morning Reflections


Water draws you like a magnet: its liquidity, the sound it makes, the way it is continually in motion and the way it reflects the light. All these things provide endless fascination.

When we lived in the English Midlands, far from the sea; we visited Blithfield Reservoir regularly, especially when my wife was ill. The experience of that walk along the water’s edge was calming and liberating. Somehow the air always seemed cool and refreshing there.

Now that we live on the coast in Dumfies & Galloway, Scotland, the experience of the ocean is very different, yet it still draws us, whether it be the mirror like quality of a still summer’s evening on the estuary or the ferocious winter gales  when the waves roar and pound against the rocky shore, we can’t do without it.

In this scene, taken on the edge of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, India, the early morning sun catches the wonderful architecture as it is reflected in the ruffled water, and in the foreground two girls reflect on their lives at the start of a new day.

That is the power of being by water. It encourages reflection…….



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