Lake Pichola Dawn

Lake Pichola Dawn


Though I very rarely get up early at home, I’m retired and getting to be idle after all, when I’m travelling there’s nothing quite like wandering around as the world gradually comes to life.

The light for photography is often just perfect as well.



11 thoughts on “Lake Pichola Dawn

      • Hm! Well, I took voluntary retirement from the corporate world three years back. My last boss and I had severe differences, and since he was a global managing board member, it was me who got booted out.
        I am approaching 56 now, and while I earn less money, I feel more alive. I can go on writing and photographing until I am in my late 70’s as long as I am disciplined about my health and time.
        I think people like you never ‘retire’, in a different sense. That is why you keep producing marvellous photographs

        • I too try my hand at writing but rarely here. It’s wonderful to conjure a parallel universe from inside your head. The opportunity to travel is where the door has opened in retirement for me……and , of course, India is the best destination….

          • Well, India is one place you either love/like.. Or, detest. I have not come across too many people who are indifferent to India.

            For me… Despite the chaos, the dirt, the corruption, it is still my country…

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