Milk Delivery

Milk DeliveryMilk Delivery 2


This came a s a bit of a surprise. I was busy photographing a man struggling out of a doorway with what looked like a bed, when suddenly this canister on a rope descended in front of me as a guy rode up on his bike………fresh milk, delivered daily….




16 thoughts on “Milk Delivery

            • It was unexpected and I think some are having second thoughts. At least I hope so. We seem to have are own problems here across the pond. I can’t imagine a New York businessman being president. Then I didn’t expect the UK to leave the EU. Those generate nightmares not dreams.

            • I doubt it very much, Tim. It was a total miscalculation by the government but they have to abide by the result despite it being almost 50:50. So stupid. They should have stated that the result would only be accepted if it reached 60%. No doubt the Scottish Nationalists will demand another Scottish Independence referendum. The place is falling apart.

            • Very frustrating for all of us even if not in the U.K. I listen to National Public Radio here and they interviewed a young man who voted yes on BREXIT. He said that he woke up the next morning after the vote and saw the value of the Pound and the stock markets shrink. He was now is having second thoughts on his vote. They ask where he worked and he said a bank. The stock on his bank was much lower after the vote.
              We seem to have our problems here with a candidate who speaks his mind. I’m worried that this worldwide trend in nationalism is going to impact the U.S. by having the “crazies” elect a businessman with not lick of political sense and experience to the highest office in this land. I may move back to Taiwan.
              I hope you agree, we can’t give up on reasonableness.

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