Tribal Encampment

Tribal Encampment


The small group of huts was on rising ground just off one of the roads that led through the desert. It wasn’t littered in the way that the town streets often are and it was carefully organised like we see here where items are stored clear of the ground, no doubt so that the herds of goats or other animals couldn’t reach the pots.

I wish that we could have stayed here longer but Bagga our driver was keen to move on. Perhaps he felt that tourists from Europe should be walking around the bazaar buying Rajasthani textiles, or, better still, going on camel rides at inflated prices!

No, that’s not really fair on him, he was a good and conscientious driver and often went a lot further than our agreement with his company had delineated. (Though he did charge us for unscheduled trips when we settled up…..)



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