Nomad Village Portrait

Nomad Village Portrait


Travel can be disconcerting.

Should you approach the village encampment?

How will people respond; well the adults anyway. (The kids just run up to you and start dancing around, asking questions)

Should you offer them money? Will they beg or try to sell you something that you don’t want? Are you intruding?

I’ll leave you to decide what this young girl felt. At the time I was so hyped up trying to cope with bright sunlight on light coloured sand that I didn’t really take it all in and just kept pressing the shutter release!




2 thoughts on “Nomad Village Portrait

  1. Ha – I know that feeling ……

    I always try and carry a large bag of boiled sweets and sometimes oranges for the children as I refuse to give money (a thing that was never asked for until recently) and water is ‘always’ welcome in the desert.
    Although the best water I ever had came from a desert well…… so it is not always one way.
    A lot of the mountain people make rather nice rugs & keyring loops from the local goat & sheep wool; I happily give money for those items, but it is difficult making sure the price is fair.

    You are right – it can be a dilemma knowing just how village people will react (I have blue eyes and that would be a problem in the early days; taking images was (is) a no no in some places because it was (is) taking their soul.

    A quote from Freya Stark:
    “One can only really travel if one lets oneself go and takes what every place brings without trying to turn it into a healthy private pattern of one’s own and I suppose that is the difference between travel and tourism”

    I have now been able to catchup with all your India images and have had an enjoyable journey; not using a computer for a month every so often has its advantages 🙂 I get to see blogs like yours as if going through a book and am able to relate each image to another. A hint there, me thinks !!!!
    The light looks fantastic, especially your early morning and late afternoon photographs.

    Sorry for the long post; although it also gives me a chance to say thanks for your visits as well.


    • Taking sweets, especially for the kids is a good idea. I always try to ask to photograph which means that you don’t always get the pictures that you want and rarely get a no, though a no can be hard and knocks your confidence.

      I’m working on a photo book of this last trip though only for my travelling companions and the family.

      Greatly appreciate your kind words.
      Regards, John.

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