Desert Encampment

Desert Encampment


Diary Page Friday 30th October 2015

Bagga Singh, our driver is a jolly chap. He says he’s happy to take old people about. He arrived at 10.00 and drove us about 500 yards to a Sikh Gudvara, an all marble edifice that stands as a landmark across Pushkar lake. He is obviously very proud of his temple. It’s where he stays when visiting Pushkar and like many Gudvaras, it offers free food to visitors. Dave is very cagey about visiting any religious establishments but this time he removed his shoes, washed his feet, covered his head, and set his clean feet inside the rather boring building, but Bagga was pleased!

We then, for reasons unknown and impenetrable were taken to a jam making concern. Initially they wouldn’t let us in and our hopes rose, only to be dashed when they opened the gate and let us in. Now in the past, I’ve visited a laundry, an engineering works and similar in Cochin, but a jam factory….!

All I saw was a group of woman using electric fans to separate huge piles of pink flowers from their seed cases… make jam? Dave and Penny wisely retreated to the car.

Next it was our turn to decide on the destination. “The desert, the desert, the desert” was Dave’s response in the hope that it had registered with Bagga who is likely to read his own interpretation into almost anything!

So we went to the desert. Now you may have a vision of endless sand dunes. Forget it. This desert is a sandy scrubland with the occasional oasis where there’s a guest home or hotel. We got Bagga to stop at one open section and while Dave and Penny set off across one piece of scrub, looking for snakes and other sundry wildlife, I headed in the opposite direction to a nomadic encampment. Perfect…….



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