Lighting Up

Lighting Up


All the pictures of Pushkar that have been posted so far were taken on 29th October last, and there are plenty more to come. I hope the same location doesn’t make for repetitious images as I try to mix the street views with portraits, some in colour and some in mono.

I went to an exhibition today of college student photography. It always amazes me at the great variety of approaches that people take with their photography, from fashion, landscape, portrait, nudes, and wildlife. The wildlife in particular was very special. Most wildlife seems to be done on the end of a 300mm lens, but these were close up, showing the context of each creatures environment. ….. and not a single Red Squirrel or Red Kite in shot…..something that our local photographers like to do to death!

Which brings me back to me, and my visit to Pushkar in Rajasthan!



13 thoughts on “Lighting Up

  1. John, a really strong image. The high contrast lends it to having a mystery feeling. I so wish that side mirror on the car was gone from the lower left corner. Then as you know, I tend to be highly picky. Just tell me where to stick it and I’m fine.

  2. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of fantastic doors in this country…or this part of it, anyway…and they all appear to be hand-crafted, not out of a mill or off of an assembly line.

    Nice capture of the scene, John….a momentary pause in what looks like a very busy place.

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