In a Dark Corner

In a Dark Corner


There were plenty of dark corners in this antique emporium that we visited in Jaipur. No Photographs was the standard response……which is a pity! I really needed a tripod in those dark corners! Still, one or two grabbed shots came out at ISO 5000.

Yes, No Photographs…. brings out the sneaky in me!



17 thoughts on “In a Dark Corner

  1. ISO 5000? Wow….
    I am going to back to the streets at night. And, to make it more fun, I will use my D200, with a 50 mm lens only. I will get very noisy pictures.

  2. Lovely photograph by the professional.
    I really hate the sign board’ No photographs’
    I just can not understand how photographing the art is dangerous.
    They do not allow photography especially flash types in many of the European Museums and Palaces.Similarly I find many religious places do not allow photography ?? reason

    • Museums make money by selling postcards, though in Scotland there are no restrictions in galleries. I can understand that people don’t like being photographed while at worship, though I’m sneaky, and will try anywhere!

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