Museum Portrait

Museum Portrait


A portrait of a proud and beautiful woman that was taken in the SRC Museum of Indology in Jaipur.

Here’s a further excerpt from the day’s diary.

Tuesday 27th October 2015

On returning to the city we stopped briefly at several locations for photos as well as at a restaurant serving set price meals. You can’t have a guide without a visit to a shop but this one had a basement workshop where they were printing ladies cotton tops with wooden blocks and vegetable dyes. Dave and Penny bought some items but I sat outside.

In his quest for masks, Dave then arranged for us to visit an antique centre, selling carved panels, wonderful inlaid furniture, old doors, stone sculpture, paintings, all very fine and just a little expensive.

Although the guide had hoped to take us to the City Palace, we had had enough and were set on walking through the old town, but fate played its hand and it started to rain heavily, so plan B was adopted and we arrived at the SRC Museum of Indology. This is a typical dusty museum but a private one. It’s full of old crockery and bric-à-brac, old documents, hand written manuscripts, architectural drawings and hundreds of paintings on paper. Although the rooms were dark and very hot, it’s worth a visit.

Then returned to hotel for chai/coffee and a rest on the balcony courtyard.

This is my 1,700th post.



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