A back alley scene taken in Delhi…..ummm, well without looking it up, I think it was Delhi. We had gone to this travel agent to book the second two weeks of our four week visit last Oct-Nov and our friends Dave and Penny wanted to get a reduction in the cost.

Well, they didn’t succeed, though we did get a free meal thrown in for our stay at a hotel in Udaipur.

In the past I never used a travel agent, preferring to find hotels when I arrived at a place, and booked train or bus when I needed them. However, it did make the whole process run very smoothly and we just followed the booked itinerary mostly, though one to two extra trips were added. It turned out to be rather more expensive, but when you are travelling with friends, they need the reassurance and certainty of pre-booked travelling.

I’m quite happy backpacking and slumming it….



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