Agra Panoramas


Street scenes lend themselves to a panoramic treatment.

I like the way the figures relate to the architecture and to the spaces that they occupy.



8 thoughts on “Agra Panoramas

  1. The scenes remind me a bit of the colonias in old Mexico. I haven’t ventured very far from the border and I know things look strikingly different the further away one gets from that particular zone, but this reminds me of the areas I visited during my last year of college….the dirt streets, the clothing, the state of the buildings….it looks very familiar. Nicely captured, John.

    • I’m happy that it brought to mind your own world of experiences, Scott. What’s remarkable is that people seem to cope with the dirty conditions and are invariably turned out smartly though I wonder what it might be like in the monsoon season.

      • Yes, it certainly did, John…and a great difference between the two locations is what you addressed in your next sentence…your folks over there are “invariably turned out smartly….”…and not so much where I visited down south…unfortunately. I would imagine that monsoon season would be rough…hard to stay tidy in those environments….eeesh.

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