Gurdwaras Bangh Sahib, Delhi



We were honoured to have some helpful and friendly drivers and most of them belonged to the Sikh faith. It was inevitable, I suppose, that we should be taken to some Sikh temples as well as those of other faiths and this large Gurdwaras in Delhi was a very spiritual place.




2 thoughts on “Gurdwaras Bangh Sahib, Delhi

  1. Beautiful! I don’t know if you managed Amritsar Golden Temple? If not it has to be on your next trip John. Lovely night time captures and glad you were helped by the Great Sikhs, who are a proud but increasingly persecuted faith in India these days. If you hadn’t read before, have a google on Amritsar 1984, operation blue star. Make sure to read from the Sikh perspective though. There are currently increasing tensions up there; my wife’s relatives are still many in the Panjab.

    • Great to hear from you Peter. Amritsar is certainly on my wish list. I am familiar with the issues that you describe and it is a worry. We went to several Sikh temples as a result of our various drivers and it was clear that they were both practically involved in the community, and also highly spiritual.

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