Some of my Favourite 2015 Portraits


Some of my favourite 2015 portrait images from each month….January to December.

Let me know which is your favourite from the year…..I would love to hear your views!



14 thoughts on “Some of my Favourite 2015 Portraits

    • Thanks Lyn, that’s one of my favourites, though a competition judge rightly commented that it wasn’t sharp. I think that he missed the point slightly. Technically it’s weak, but it captures the feeling of the moment!

  1. John they’re all wonderful but the one on the end of the little girl in sepia is the real winner. What a look and a perfect capture of innocence and a bit of confidence showing in her face.

  2. I still really like that “Revisionist Portrait 3.” I don’t remember the “history” of you making the image, but I remember the striking quality of the subject’s eyes…the gentleness that you captured. Very nice, John….

      • Thats a shame. I get you totally about the lab issue. I have worked quite hard to get the balance correct. Basically, even after expensive profiling devices, it came down to using an existing print from my preferred lab, holding it up next to my monitor and adjusting brightness manually on the monitor, to roughly match the physical print. I use an iMac and a lab near me called SIMLAB. In order to know that what I get from them is the same as what I see on my monitor, I have my brightness down to around 10%. Too low for general use of my mac, but when I’m editing for an important print, I turn it right down. Helps me a lot! Sorry if you’ve already tried that, its just a thought..
        (this also forced me to now slightly over expose when shooting (without blowing highlights obviously) and fine tune if needed in post) Also this raises the annoying spectre of misleading camera LCD brightness; if one relies on it, as I think we all do nowadays, to check overall exposure!
        Sorry for the essay John! 🙂

        • That’s interesting, I also use an iMac and have tried working with the brightness turned down but generally I check the histogram and just raise the curves slightly and I get a good match. This time, as I hadn’t ordered a set of prints for a while, I just forgot to adjust the curves. Thanks very much for your thoughts Peter.

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