Some of my favourite 2015 Colour Images


Some of my favourite 2015 colour images with one taken from each month of the year. If you have a favourite amongst them please let me know.





14 thoughts on “Some of my favourite 2015 Colour Images

  1. John, a very nice series. I agree with Andy on the bus shelter image. However, I’m really taken with the image of the coffee shop that opens onto a much larger space. Since WordPress gallery allows you to see images from left to right, I saw this image in parts – inside and then extending into the building. As you know there are really two images here but the two fit so well together. The pano is a living/breathing portrait of a space and a time. The woman looking at me adds an intimacy to the image. Well done.

    • It is indeed one continuous space taken from a point by the window of the cafe looking out into the station interior beyond the window. It’s a type of location that I have been looking for for sometime, and today I’ve managed to take another while visiting London to see two photography exhibitions.

      • John, thank you for the explanation. Any other images from this position. It appears that sitting at table and watching the people go by would have been a wonderful opportunity – given the time of course.
        I hope the photo exhibits were good. If not, you got a chance to take a wonderful image.

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