Some Favourite 2015 Monochromes


Just a few of my favourite monochrome images that were posted here in 2015. There are 12 of them, one taken from each month. If you have the time, perhaps you might say which is your favourite and why. Of course you also may be irritated by one in particular and give it a raspberry!

Either way, thanks for visiting.



24 thoughts on “Some Favourite 2015 Monochromes

    • Hi Petrus and welcome. Thanks for your comments. The portraits are my own fascination, and, of course, I love steam trains, but I’m particularly happy that you like the first…’s a photographers photo, and one of my favourites.

  1. I do have a favourite from this collection. It’s “riding the train”. I’m drawn to the warmth and the grunge. It’s also a wonderful portrait (and the second person in the contrasting shirt adds a nice detail). Your train images are always winners!

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