In Prince Khusro’s Tomb

In Prince Khusro's Tomb


Wait a minute, what’s going on here?

“You three, are you prepared to carry out the wishes of this man? Do you really know what you are letting yourselves in for? He may have a half smile on his face, but he is a hard man and he knows what he wants.”

“The question is, do you know where to get it? It’s no good looking at each other. You, at the end. Do you know?”


“Where is it? …….  Tell me now.”

“Yes, there’s a man selling ice-cream at the gate.”

“Right, it’s hot in here, let’s go.”

“Has anyone got the keys to get out of here? …………. Don’t say you’ve lost them!”

“I’m dying for a chock ice.”


Photo taken 18 October 2015 in Prince Khusro’s Mausoleum, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Alan on the left, our driver in the centre and the other two men opened the tomb for us.



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