Taj People 11 : Adoring Parent

Taj People 11: Adoring Parent


A loving and happy look, and who wouldn’t with such a beautiful daughter in such a wonderful place.



4 thoughts on “Taj People 11 : Adoring Parent

    • Thanks Peter, this series taken at Agra was very enjoyable, also I have been experimenting with processing and this one seems to have a reality that I haven’t achieved too many times, though I still think that it’s a bit ‘thin’ tonally, and I was being a little indecisive about colour saturation. With so many aspects to deal with in an image edit it’s a difficult balancing act and a hard judgement. I keep coming back to this one and ‘tweaking’ it. I should have straightened that tower, though it does lean, apparently deliberately!

      • Agree totally John about the balancing act and indecisiveness, which are issues I share with you. I often find that with some pictures, I can feel immediately happy and confident about choices but others leave me the complete opposite. I hate that feeling!! 😦
        Trouble is I think that further tweaking only clouds my thinking even more.
        But you know in the end when I’m looking at this, I’m seeing the things that you saw which you liked about it; the moment, the mums pride in her girl, the girls curiosity about you, the detail in the foreground marble (how old it must be and how many people have worn it out over the years) the Taj itself etc. Bottom line is, it’s a great picture to look around and thats what counts.. 🙂

        • How reassuring your words are Peter. Thank you.
          When you look through your picture files you sort of know which picture to choose. I’m like a terrier and keep at it until the picture turns from a snap into something more so it’s rare that I have to give up on one and admit defeat! Also repeat visits to the file helps to refine, so that you come back each time with a fresh vision.

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