Taj People

Taj People


After my return from a month in North India a week ago I have spent that time getting over jet lag and also have started editing the nearly 3000 images that I took on my travels.

After arriving in Delhi on my first visit there I headed for Agra. Although I’ve travelled in the north before, I have always tried to avoid the Golden Triangle  and the tourist hotspots, preferring instead to stay at the less well known destinations. This time I grasped the bull by the horns and went for the big ones!

So here we are at that ikon of Indian destinations, Agra and the Taj Mahal.

I have a whole series of fragmentary views of that famous building. The reason for visiting India is, after all, to meet the inhabitants, and so my first priority was to photograph people! Perhaps I’m being a bit of a tease here, but you will only get glimpses of that famous building over the next few posts as I concentrate on portraiture!

Well……….. you know what the Taj Mahal looks like, don’t you?



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