Aihole Hiatus

Aihole Hiatus


A quiet village scene in South India where the pace of life may seem slow but where life isn’t always easy and facilities are rudimentary. Yes, there is electricity, and you do see the occasional satellite dish, but the way of life changes only slowly.



4 thoughts on “Aihole Hiatus

  1. My wife’s family live in very rural villages like this in the Punjab. When I first went there in 1997, there was a single telephone in the village at the ‘STD’. We were still using oil lamps at night as the electricity was hardly ever on and they had no tv’s either. Things have changed though – now they all have smart phones but the sewage still runs down a gully by the side of the main road! 🙂

    • Thanks Peter. The contrasts between real life and modern technology always amazes. In Japan we went to a traditional sculpture workshop and he was producing marble figures holding mobiles…..nuts…..I think!

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