The Toy Maker

The Toy Maker


Well, perhaps I was stretching a point when I called Ronnie ‘The Toy Maker’, though, no doubt, he would repair anything that was brought into his toy shop as he seems to be one of those old fashioned people who would go out of their way to help.

I have been blogging now for 3 years and 3 months and each new picture seems to bring with it an issue that requires some thought and editing decision. Maybe I should stick to landscapes. Landscapes generally receive more likes; not that my intention is to curry favour or go for the populist vote, in fact I prefer people pictures, or those oddball bus shelter scenes!

This photo threw up an interesting fact: that things closer to the lens appear to be larger! O.K. Einstein, it’s not general relativity, though it did create a strange relativity between the two hands.

No, you can’t see the problem because I changed it, but the hand on the left, being closer, was about twice the size of the hand on the right and it looked completely wrong. There are those who say that the camera doesn’t lie, though the truth is sometimes just a little strange and has to be edited.




2 thoughts on “The Toy Maker

  1. John, I like the portraits that you do. They have a sensitivity that helps portray the subject for who they are. Yes, I agree that landscape are more appealing to those that view reader images. Don’t despair, not that you would, keep the portraits coming.

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