The Artist’s feet

The Artist's Feet



The weekend of 23-25 May was an open studios event in Dumfries & Galloway called ‘Spring Fling’. We visited a number of studios in the west of the region and also met plenty of interesting artists. The Mill in Gatehouse was host to one of the most interesting. Holly Goldsworthy explores how materials and surfaces can be degraded by natural forces and by human interference. Her work is characterised by alluring textures and subtle variations of surface. Although I took some photos of her work, they were purely for experimenting with textural overlays for my photography. The gallery floor received some attention from my camera as well, and while we were talking to Holly, her feet came into view on the screen, and they seemed to encapsulate everything about the artist…….young, attractive, at a cross roads, and fascinated by texture. O.K., so I needed to justify why I’ve posted a picture of a wooden floor and two feet…… … you know! Oh! perhaps I should mention that we thought that some of the other artists were asking outrageous prices for work that lacked merit and that was in some cases arrogantly deceiving. Holly, on the other hand, was presenting work that showed an honest enthusiasm for exploration and she seemed not to have considered that anyone might be interested in buying her work. How refreshing.



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