A Nice Cup of Tea

A Nice Cup of Tea


What can I say?

Being sneaky with the camera makes me feel uncomfortable……. but what can I do.

I was ….. desperate …to take the shot….. I needed to get this one, and was he looking at me, did he know?

I had set the camera on the table with the screen tilted so I could see the image, but was I caught out? Should I have asked first? I feel bad.

If I had asked, I wouldn’t have got this shot, I know that.

Is being sneaky a necessary trait of photographers?

Do I have to feel so much guilt? Should I have to suffer for my art?



19 thoughts on “A Nice Cup of Tea

  1. Ah yes I suffer too John!! 🙂
    Without doubt I would lose shots if I asked. Some photographers feel no guilt but I’m with you I’m afraid. I do it and for exactly he same reasons as you! Sometimes it wouldn’t be the same photograph if the subject was camera aware. I guess it’s a matter of deciding how far is too far. The longer the focal length the worse it is. But…. I’m guilty of that on occasion too! 😉

  2. I’ve got enough other things to feel guilty about, so I leave this one alone, no guilt here. I just snap the occasional photo, and if they ask, I give them one of my contact cards…..”I’m just a guy with a camera,” I tell them….it’s worked so far.

    Be brave, dear John…if they get their nickers in a twist, just have them watch you delete the image…or pretend to, whichever works best. 😉

    • Ah, my friend, it seems that we both are a little sneaky. Giving out contact cards is a good idea…….but then they know how to get back at you…..

      My card will read, ‘Richard B Swain, Civil Rights Lawyer’!

  3. I don’t have the right answer for you – that’s for you to say… but as long as you refer to it as being ‘sneaky’, then (I think) yes, you’ll have to endure the guilt that comes along with it.
    I’m just sayin’…

  4. Hmmm, I’m not sure I can offer anything more than the others, so I’ll just say that I’m really glad you caught this guy.
    I’d be willing to bet that he’d be happy with the outcome!

  5. Hehehe – I know we’ve discussed this issue in the past and while I wrestle with my conscience as well, I’m afraid my need to take what I see wins over. I think that’s why reportage photos can have such an impact, because they capture something that is actually happening, along with the mood/atmosphere. 🙂

    • Hi Karen, it’s great to hear from you. Agreed, but it can lead to issues, as I have found out recently. I fear for photography with the present view that pervades in some quarters. It will limit social documentary photography.

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