The Silvery Moon

The Silvery Moon


Night time driving is clearly bad for my health….




15 thoughts on “The Silvery Moon

            • Thank you, Andy…..
              We have been to look at the work in my exhibition today and a painter friend has been very complimentary about the images and is encouraging me to enter 3 of them into an international competition…..nothing ventured…as they say!

            • …what I would like to see with the Nik filters would be the ability to load your own filters so that you can apply original and unique changes to your work. Entering work for national competitions requires you to use only your own work, and the Nik filters are widely known.

            • Oh, that is a very interesting point, I think the filters can be tweaked quite a lot but not sure what they would have to do to meet this criteria?

            • I couldn’t find where their filters are stored. They must be in a folder somewhere. One trick I’ve used is to copy a texture from a part of the image, blow it up to cover all the image, and then blend it in layers. If that could be put into the hidden Nik folder it could be used with greater flexibility. The ‘Window’ picture was treated like this.

            • Wow, now that is very complicated, I must look into this more! I wonder if the fact that Google now own the app has influenced things?

            • I’m sure it is. What’s also good news is that they are continuing to develop the software and offer free updates to those who have purchased it.
              Thanks Andy for this discussion. Always good to hear from you.

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