Steaming to Mettupalayam

Steaming to Mettupalayam


As it’s my birthday I’m going to treat myself to a trip on an uncomfortable, rattling and smokey steam train heading for Mettupalayam, and I’m going to imagine the gorgeous smell of steam and coal smoke…..ahhh it takes me back.

Unfortunately this steam engine was oil fired so the aroma is decidedly truck like.

‘She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes …..’

‘Wake me up and tell me when the whistle blows …….’



10 thoughts on “Steaming to Mettupalayam

  1. In the words of Mr. Gershwin:
    They said, “Someday you’ll find
    All who love are blind”
    When your heart’s on fire
    You must realize
    Smoke gets in your eyes

    Happy Birthday

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