“It’s getting foggy,” said Martha, “Let’s go now.”

It's getting foggy


Ah, yes, Martha has always been a bit nervous about the weather since the time when she got lost in a peasouper while driving from Birmingham to Stratford on Avon. She stopped to ask the way and they obviously misheard what she said because she ended up in Stafford which is about 40 miles in the wrong direction. Not that you can’t do that today as well. You hear of people placing absolute trust in a satnav. What’s the matter with a good old fashioned map, I ask!

Me, a technophobe…… never!



7 thoughts on ““It’s getting foggy,” said Martha, “Let’s go now.”

  1. Exceptional photo, and I must admit I too rely on technology when driving – but a good old fashioned map and compass when walking 🙂

    • Hmmm…… you’ve been peeking, Susan.

      I’ve no idea who Martha is, she’s a figment….

      Though I did meet a car full of Americans who arrived outside our house in Stafford asking where the Royal Shakespeare Theatre was, so the story is half true, and I suppose one of them could have been Martha.

      I came up with the title and then felt I had to justify it. When you post a photo every day sometimes you just have to get creative.

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