Clearing Mist

Clearing Mist


A few years back I climbed Screel Hill with a good friend and neighbour who was taking a group of recalcitrant teens on a character strengthening experience. They moaned all the way; expressing their total disdain of the trek in the most foul language imaginable.

As we descended, the cloud came down and we quickly lost our route over thick sphagnum moss that was a real pain to cross. Even the satnav was of little help, but trusty smithy had his map with him and correctly identified our rough position. Even so we ended up a long way from the minibus, and with no phone signal, one of the experienced hill walkers was despatched to find the ‘bus.

I spent several days swearing like a teenager until I got it out of my system.



3 thoughts on “Clearing Mist

    • Thanks Scott, I was getting a bit short of pictures to post, though it does give the flavour of the landscape at this time of the year. Most of the teens I mentioned were girls which made the swearing even less appropriate.

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