A Fog settles over Castle Street

A fog Settles over Castle Street


Early April brought several days of fog and here is the War Memorial standing the gloom at the corner of Castle Street and St Cuthberts Street.



16 thoughts on “A Fog settles over Castle Street

  1. Seems that I’ve been there before…and it’s only about 55 degrees outside, if that, and there’s a bit of wood-smoke riding in the fog…childhood memories floating into the present. I like it a lot, John.

    • When I was a child the dense smogs would last all day and the atmosphere was evil. At least living by the sea it’s mostly water vapour. Thanks Scott and I’m pleased that memories are still floating in the fog…..though my memory is getting like a fog!

      • But you were in the city then, right…when you were a child? It’s nice that you’re away from that now, in your more bucolic environment by the river and sea. You’re welcome, friend, and yes, the memories are still floating around up there. 🙂

      • Boy do I know that feeling. I’ve been shooting so many images that I’ve barely had time to download into my computer let alone work with them using the new LR CC. The Cheng long Taoist temple had visiting gods from Ping dong with all the grandeur noisemakers and ceremonies. Plus I’ve been shooting an interior of a traditional home that has fallen into disrepair but has retained its integrity. The 5 artists require some dedicated time. I’m getting closer to preparing a small portfolio for each of them before they leave next Monday. For those reasons I’ve not been posting daily. I hope all is well with you.

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