Barn & Trees

Barn and Trees


I have been driving past this barn 3 times a week for 5 years, and for the one and only time on March 4th, I stopped the car and walked into the field. It was another occasion when the ground was very soft after rain. I struggled half way across the field….. I mean, I really wanted to get to that barn, but the ground defeated me….

I just had to give up…… you see, I have this fear of wide open spaces……and this other fear of the ground opening up and just swallowing me without trace…… and this other minor concern of trying to drive home with 4 inches of sticky mud adhered to my shoes.

Landscape photography is the act of overcoming phobias. I do hope you appreciate what I go through to bring you these snaps.



6 thoughts on “Barn & Trees

  1. Thank you for the sacrifices and the facing of your fears, John…you do bring us some admirable work…the above image being a perfect example. So very nice….

      • I used to wonder at my fears and the Boogey Man when I was miles out into the canyons and mountains by myself, John. It was troubling sometimes, but I just kept walking and looking around. It might have been foolish to be out there by myself, but I felt that I had to do it. I admire you literally facing your fears with this, crossing those empty spaces like that to capture the images that you needed……and sincerely thank you for bringing them back for us. 🙂

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