Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge



This is the second bridge over the River Dee and it replaced an iron structure in 1926. This one was built by Mouchel & Partners and is a 5 span reinforced concrete, bow-truss bridge that is widely considered to be very ugly, and I suppose the locals always hope that it might fall down. That’s less likely now because it has been repaired recently at some considerable expense.

As you can see, the town of Kirkcudbright (Ker-coo-bree)  lies just down river of the bridge where up to 15 fishing vessels tie up at the short harbour wall.




5 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

    • Ahh…..rounded edge……hmm……didn’t notice that until after I posted the photo.
      The photo is a three shot composite and the processing takes the full frame which I would normally crop. Actually it’s the lens hood that gets in the way, but would rather have it in place than risk catching the lens on something. Just excuses smithy…. Not good enough.
      Thanks Scot…..just rambling this morning…

  1. John, you’ve really captured this very nicely. I love the repetition of the underside of the bridge and how nicely it is reflected in the water. The diagonal line of the bridge against the river line adds to the overall composition. Well seen and captured.

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