The Robe

The Robe


This image has the colour, tonality and detail of an old master. Perhaps I should take up painting instead of photography….but photography is easier and less messy.

In any case, my painting isn’t good enough…..



8 thoughts on “The Robe

    • Thanks Andy, I’d not thought that I had such an approach. A friend commented that much of my picture making has a sense of sadness about it…..perhaps a sense of loss, or melancholy. Feeling ill just now, so I’d rather be writing than messing with images….just one of those days.

      • I think your friend my be on to something, you do have a few signature styles, especially in your Indian shots, another I like is the way you portray people in their workplace. I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I know how you feel, having got through Winter unscathed I’ve come down with a rotten cold just as the Spring approaches…get well soon John!

        • Photography is not an easy medium in which to develop a personal style and I think that your work is certainly recognisably your own, particularly your street montages that bring fragments and present them within a consistent editing style. You have a forensic approach to the world around you where the details add up to more than the sum of the parts. Thanks again for your good wishes.

          • Thank you, it is good to hear because before I started belgradestreets back in the Autumn of 2011 I don’t think I had developed any sense of style, so practice has certainly helped, thanks again John!

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