Workshop Portrait

Workshop Portrait

We are in the North- east suburbs of Kannur and this small motor repair workshop was one of a number that I visited along the same stretch of road. No one seemed to worry about a complete stranger, and a foreigner to boot, who came in unannounced and started to take photographs. This live and let live attitude is totally refreshing. In the UK where such antics would be viewed as highly suspicious, I would most likely be told to f*^k off in many places, but not everywhere. Of course you have to ask, and explain what you are doing. Locally I was asked if I worked for the Health & Safety Executive, or for an insurance company, and when I assured them that I was just an anorak member of the camera club, they were immediately nodding at each other and smiling kindly.

It’s amazing how considerate people can be when you have an affliction.

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