Nightmare Journey

Nightmare Journey

A little bit of creative fun with filters at the expense of the young woman and her daughter.

Ian. who looks as if he’s in a trance, was probably just blinking as I took the photo. It had just gone dark and he was sitting illuminated by his iPad as the train rattled and rolled through the night.

11 thoughts on “Nightmare Journey

      • I’m having a lot of fun, I’ve been using Analog Efex Pro 2 a lot. Also, been trying to use Photoshop CC more, especially for combining two images, I still have a lot to learn about layers, challenging and interesting. I’m also wrestling with whether to switch from my beloved Aperture 3 to Lightroom as the new Photos app on OS X offers nothing like the features that Aperture has for organisation etc…

        • I don’t use either Aperture or Lightroom, so can’t help there. In the main I do pre-processing using Adobe Bridge and then increasingly the Nik software including Analog. I have stopped using iPhoto, though much of my early photo collection is still stored there and now store photos in Bridge, so basically my photo libraries are in chaos! I’ve always worked using layers and of course that’s how the Nik software works when used as a plugin with Photoshop.
          I find it quite difficult to be subtle with Analog and now use it very selectively, otherwise it’s difficult to rein in!

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