Bus Shelter Montage

Bus Shelter Montage


I don’t seem to be able to give up our little bus shelter by the harbour.

This is an experiment in multiple exposures and although there are bits of it I like a lot, there are also areas, like the stone wall, that are too specific and so upset the abstract quality. The image is another that’s taken through the scratched and labelled windows. Given the right subject matter, this technique might be worth exploring, but I’m sure you will let me know…..



9 thoughts on “Bus Shelter Montage

  1. John, I agree with you about the wall. Although what bothers me more is that the image seems to be, a friend of mine calls unresolved. My eye does not see to find a place to settle but continues to wander. This maybe your intent and if so you’ve succeeded admirably. Also I find it strange, not necessarily in a negative way how the image bleeds though the gritty white frame.

    • Yes agreed on all. The frame was a mistake. The structure of diagonals has a form that I like, though it needed greater tonal differentiation to bring it out successfully. There’s room for experimentation that takes time to gestate into something worthwhile, so this is work in progress.

  2. I would not have known to describe it, but I agree with Tim Allen that there really isn’t a focal point. What an interesting technique!

  3. This is an interesting technique that I intend to experiment with – and I’m sure it takes a LOT of experimenting! Part of the appeal, to me anyway, is the fact that there isn’t a particular focal point and the eye wanders so that we each find something different in it, a reflection of our own character perhaps?

  4. This is a good image, I actually like the chaos and disturbance, sometimes it is good to pick up the rule book and hurl it over the side of the bridge. I’m really enjoying watching your experimentation John!

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