Waiting for the Bus II

Waiting for the Bus II

A woman sits, her head bowed as if dozing, and a man allows a potato chip to go cold, as he stares introspectively off into the distance. A weak winter sun filters through the overcast into the small bus shelter that stands by the harbour. Outside a tall youth in a dark grey hoody wanders up and down, clearly anxious for the bus to arrive, and across the road two schoolgirls chatter loudly, then walk across to stand behind the misted up glass of the shelter, oblivious of the drama of the late bus.

Saturday 27th December at 13.31.

9 thoughts on “Waiting for the Bus II

    • Thanks Peter. Perhaps I should write a story. It’s funny, but today our friend Jean sent me some verse based on an earlier picture…..maybe she’ll write about this one too….

  1. John, I agree with the two commentaries and would add that by you shooting through the transparent material of the shelter you’ve created a grittiness that enhances the narrative and voyeurism (is there such as word?) of the image.

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