Badami Ghats

Badami Ghats


This picture is a re-edit of an image that I first posted nearly three years ago.

The previous edit can be seen here:

The original photo was taken in 2009 and shows the morning washing being done on the edge of the Agasthya tank, and the earlier version shows the striking green of this much used water resource.



8 thoughts on “Badami Ghats

  1. John, I think the composition for the b&w is much better than the color. However, I think of color being such an integral part of India that the better composed b&w makes me want to see a color version.

    • Hmmm, I’m, as always, kinda in agreement with you. The colour was so shocking on the first version, and like the brown water in your hippo picture and the violent green in mine, I gave up, waved the white flag and went for cowardly monochrome.
      There is, though, something missing here. Perhaps the mid tones need strengthening or it needs a more obvious vignette, or perhaps I should wade in where fools fear to tread and use the Analog Pro ‘wet plate’ filters on it.

      I do spend a long time on editing, and recently much longer, and perhaps I should slow down on each picture and be quite sure I got it right……. time for a cup of coffee, I think!
      Thanks again Tim, you slave driver.

    • Oh, thanks Mark, that’s great to hear from you. I’m happy with the composition. The eye cycles around easily. Tonally not quite so happy. Actually I went mono because of the burned out highlights. Should have cloned over them!

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