February Fog

February Fog


Trees have an infinite range of forms and they’re what makes this planet such a gloriously humbling experience to live on. I don’t comprehend why anyone would want to go and live on Mars. Think of what an attractive proposition Mars would be if it had trees. Just thank your lucky stars that there are no Martians looking back at the Earth and having the urge to come and live here because we have trees, and they don’t.

There you go. Thought for the day. Let’s send someone to Mars with some saplings.



4 thoughts on “February Fog

  1. John, have you been reading too many Edgar Rice Burroughs novels?
    I like this image for its curving road and for the tree on the right. The limbs remind me of the arterial patterns found in pictures the lungs. Should I be seeing an animal to right of the path and to the left of the right tree?

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