Street Scene

Street Scene


A photo taken while touring the Mysore region of India in 2009, and now given a graphic treatment that emphasises the tactile nature of forms and surfaces, environment, culture and architecture. This particular approach, which presents an impersonal and remote record, reminds me of those early European photographers who went out to record new cultures that would be catalogued, assessed and evaluated, in order to create a typology.

This approach is quite at odds with my normal modus operandi which is to use the camera as a bridge between myself and this world and as a way to approach people and to know them on a human level. Inevitably one seeks out those aspects that are visually appealing, but also those details that highlight where this world differs from my own experience of life and culture.



4 thoughts on “Street Scene

  1. I agree that this is a much more documentary approach than your normal photographic style. I tend to like this style for its historical importance. Documenting the common can be important. The image feels like something ripped out an old photographic album where the images are pasted in. Are you moving in this direction as a diversion, from boredom or other reasons?

    • Thankfully you are back Tim, after my full frontal desiccation of your lovely wildlife photo (how wonderful to visit Africa).

      My own photography, as you point out, is changing, and though boredom may play a part….. the main reason is not wanting to stand still…

    • Thanks Peter, on reflection I think it’s possible that I’m moving into that zone that many victorian photographers found themselves in where the photo is more important than the subject……where the subject is anodyne, remote and faceless….perhaps that’s the new photography….anodyne analogue… Hmmmrumph…or words to that effect.

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