Trees in Mist

Trees in Mist


Grey, misty winter days are just wonderful for photography, and walking through open woodland like this is a joy as ghostly trees appear out of the gloom and the landscape becomes layered in wonderful and subtle graduations of tone.




8 thoughts on “Trees in Mist

  1. Couldn’t get onto this bit yesterday to say that I preferred the colour photo of the train, it gave more depth to the photo, and the larger area showed that it really was a train, which i wouldn’t have known from the cropped version. Sorry!

    I loved the photo entitled ‘Folding the Washing’. Both colour and detail were superb!

    • Hi Jean, so nice to hear from you. I agree, but don’t you find when writing that you often like to go back and re edit what you did sometime ago. In the end it’s just a variation with a slightly different slant. I’ve been playing around with some new software, so that’s my excuse. Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated. I’ve been doing some writing recently and the group has just started a blog.
      So if you have time to be critical, please fire away.
      Best regards, John.

  2. Lovely photo, John…reminds me a little bit of my “study of figures in fog” post from two years ago this month. I do love some fog…and don’t get much opportunity to play around with it down here in our desert way…..

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