Folding the Washing

Folding the Washing


A colour picture after a series of monochrome images, and we’re back at that wonderful Hampi World Heritage site in central Karnataka near Hospet which is just over 200 miles more or less due east from Vasco da Gama in Goa on the West coast of India.

I really do hope that these villagers are still living amongst the ruins of Hampi Bazaar. It’s a special place.




8 thoughts on “Folding the Washing

  1. John, I really like the subtle colors and textures in this image. I am bothered by the green trees at the top. My eye tends to be drawn there and they don’t seem to add to the overall image. However, what might link the trees is the green pot on ground. What do you think?

    • Ah ha……. I knew that you would say that. When I looked this image the other day I said, “Tim will comment about the trees at the top”. ……. And, of course, you are correct, the picture would be a better composition if the top were cropped off. I just wanted the wider context to be there because the foreground is just a little bleak looking, that’s all.
      Thanks Tim, you are still correct!

      • A reluctant, “you’re welcome.” I’ve been scolded for being critical of someone’s images and I’ve been a bit reluctant to take more than a “like” statement. I realize that in the end it is still the photographer’s photo and she or he makes the decision what to publish. As i’ve mentioned before, I try to learn from other’s critical comments. Thank you for your explanation for why you included the trees. An experienced and open artists generally knows when to break the rules and why they did it. You’re in that group.

        • I would never scold a good friend, Tim, and I agreed with your judgement. You have a good and reliable eye when it comes to compositional issues, so please keep em coming, though I may bat a few into the long grass. I do my blog as a proving ground, and often comments like yours help to raise the game.
          Regards, John.

          • Thank you John. I greatly appreciate your confidence in me. I agree that blogs can and should be testing ground. You’ve got a lot in the long grass. For example my most recent post I’m considering it for the Nature category in the photo club I’m a member. Your criticism would be appropriated.

  2. I really like this excellent photo John. I am looking at it and wanting to be there!
    (I am also listening to “Saraswati Ma” by John D Kadt
    I don’t know if you’ve come across Benjy Wertheimer music before? If not, I think you might like it. I’m glad somebody introduced me to it.

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