Roadside Shrine

Roadside Shrine


Another monochrome treatment, but unlike yesterday’s picture, I’m less happy about this and on reflection I feel that the sepia treatment is too heavy and overdone. Still, it’s a nice tree.

We were driving on a circular tour from Mysore and had been to a wildlife sanctuary on the river Cauvery, thence to the fine temple at Srirangapatna and finally to the superb temple at Somnathpur.

Between the last named places, we stopped here at Magdahalli near Bannur where villagers were washing clothes and a couple of bullocks in a roadside stream. You may not have noticed the rumble strip across the road. When driving you have to have your eyes peeled for these truly nasty features of the roads of India. Further north in Karnataka I once saw a four by four lose a rear wheel on such a road ridge. Very nasty.




4 thoughts on “Roadside Shrine

    • …..but it would make a better wet plate collodion. Have you used Stackables, it seems to be available on the iOS platform but it has some interesting filters? Shame it’s not available on the Mac.

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