Ross Fulton is a local artist who works in the Wasps Studios, High Street, Kirkcudbright. (Ker-coo-bree)

His WordPress blog can be found at

He favours the urban landscape, often taking an interest in urban decay and his work has a strong sense of framing which can sometimes tend toward abstraction or a fascination with contrasting details.

I have a number of photos on file that were taken in the Wasps Studios, so I’m reminding myself to dig them out!



7 thoughts on “Ross

  1. John, I like this image a lot. It has a grittiness to it. The tight framing makes it a bit surreal with a partial right eye showing. Depending if the judge is more artistic, this could be a winner. It is in my eye.

  2. Your portraits are always so interesting — you always manage to capture personality, not just ‘the face’. Even when you’re just capturing images of people on the street in India, they are ‘alive’ in your photos … I really like this one. It looks like he’s about to speak.

    I took a look at his website — I like his work. I’m partial to urban landscapes, especially decay. The ‘wabi sabi’ of things … the beauty in the object. I like to believe that there’s something beautiful about everything — sometimes you just have to find the right angle and light to bring it out.

    I wish he had a ‘follow’ button on his blog, to keep up with each new addition. He’s very good.

    P.S. Thanks for adding the (Ker-coo-bree). I know when I see Kirkcudbright it is not pronounced the way it looks, and I seem to have this mental block about the actual pronunciation. So, you’re reminders are always helpful. 🙂

    • Hi John, and thanks.
      I felt that I was getting very much into Ross’ personal space with this crop: the camera almost devours him. Perhaps this is why I cropped his face the way I did so that it feels as if we are peeping through our fingers at him because getting up-close and personal actually takes a lot of balls!
      I’m aware of the fact that you visit my blog on a regular basis, and not a little surprised and appreciative that you remember the India portraits that were posted last year. I’m poor at visiting your blog, very sorry!
      I too attempt to write and am a member of a writing group. It’s a thing I find pretty hard and much of it is fairly puerile, but I enjoy the challenge.
      I wish I was better at organising my life then perhaps I might set up a blog for the writing group.
      Regards, John.

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