Edge of the Wood

Edge of the Wood


This photo was taken on a day when I had been exploring to the north of us through Barhill woods and then across several fields. I remember having some difficulty getting out of the field and then found myself on a precipitous bank that dropped away to a road that was following the narrow and twisting course of a burn.

Rather  than climbing back up the steep slope and then clambering over the fence, I returned home along the road. This picture was taken at the top of the bank before I slithered and stumbled down to the road.

What fun we have, bringing pictures to smithiesshutter.




11 thoughts on “Edge of the Wood

    • My dear Debi, by your lovely photos it would seem that you have had your fair share of adventure, with some lovely pictures of the real Scotland further north. Here in the SW the adventure is climbing over fences. In the north, there are no fences, just miles of glorious mountains….

    • Fences are the thing…….they get in the way…..and then you have to climb over them….and then climb back over them because you’ve gone the wrong way…….I just want the freedom to roam.
      But you are right….no more steep slopes… Too much slithering and sliding.

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