Tucked up for the Night

Tucked up for the Night


I very rarely place more than one picture in my daily postings. For one thing there isn’t time and for another, all of my photos are edited, and that is time consuming.  Some of my blogging friends manage to post sets of high quality images and they can be very impressive and these often provide a sweeping impression of distant places.

More and more I find blogs now that are swimming with images, often with little explanation or sequencing. These I find very confusing. I really don’t like being bombarded in this way and often just don’t know where to start looking. I tend to give up and try not to visit again. While I’m having a moan, my pet hate is loads of pictures of identical looking flowers where just one good one would have been enough (but only just).

What did you say? Bus shelters?

No, no, they’re not boring! They’re a fascinating challenge for those with an artistic bent.

Bent!   How dare you…….




15 thoughts on “Tucked up for the Night

    • Thanks Peter, I took some more photos of them working on one of the boats and may dig them out. The harbour area is usually cluttered with bits of gear under repair and there’s always something of interest to see.

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