A Touch of Winter

A Touch of Winter


A wintry scene after a light dusting of snow.

Galloway, being a glaciated region, has taken a long time to recover from the disruption of its river systems and there are areas where lochs were formed as the ice retreated which are now only seasonal and tend to be marshy for much of the year.

After recent heavy rain this pool has formed alongside the A75 trunk route at Barrknowe just west of Dumfries.



4 thoughts on “A Touch of Winter

  1. I like the wintry scene – the countryside round here is looking very much the same.

    I was driving along a road where there are lots of bus stops this afternoon, and a variation of a poem by Robert Frost [I think] struck me. It doesn’t exactly fit with all your bus stop photos, but here it is, anyway.

    The people at the bus stop
    look one way,
    wondering when, or if, there’ll be
    another bus that day.


    • Hi Jean, how great to hear from you. I really enjoyed bus stop watching, and hope to do some more. Today I applied for an exhibition in Stranraer and those are definitely going in….it would be good to work collaboratively with a poet……..

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