Waiting for the Bus

Waiting for the Bus


Another bus shelter scene, and like yesterday’s railway station, the architecture provides the formal structures while the people create the melody.

I often wonder what it is that makes the difference between a record shot and ……….I can’t think of an appropriate term for a photo that’s more than a record shot……..but I hope you know what I mean, because I don’t feel that this is merely a record shot…………..for the time being I will call it a conversation piece………a picture with a story to tell.



7 thoughts on “Waiting for the Bus

  1. John, this may be a documentary image with a narrative but the lighting makes it more artistic. Although my eye is drawn to the lighter area behind the bus station I’m drawn back to the people and the stories that could be developed. If you did an exhibit of this series, this could be the one to put on the announcement. It might also be fun to collaborate with writers who could develop stories from the images. A creative writing class in high school or college?

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